Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Transmission 0.96

Yesterday while I was googling, I found a torrent-client called Transmission. It's a freeware and very light, very simple with its interface, and also it's very easy to configure maximum download or upload rates, at least it doesn't make me so confused anymore. It works on my Mac OS Tiger 10.4.9.

Read more : here and screenshot
Download : Tiger version or other available OS

P.S : I'll capture its freeware on my desktop later .. *Peace*

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Anonymous said...

Transmission has been in circulation for what seems like forever. People used to like it back then because it works like a Mac: simple and efficient. These days almost every ISP block bittorrent traffic, to the point where something as simple as Transmission could hardly connect to any tracker. No tracker means no seed and no download. Transmission in the SE Asia is almost a dead client now, unless you subscribe to some kind of VPN service.

You should look into Deluge. It's a bitch to install but people claim it works.