Friday, July 06, 2012

Here I am

Haa .. It's been awhile since the last time I posted here. So here I am. Graduated from my university, now I'm working in this big city, metropolitan city, or maybe polluted city, famous with its crowd and crime (well I hope it's describe New York City but no it isn't). Yes of course, it's the capital city of Indonesia. I'm in Jakarta now *tadaaaaaaa*

I've been working here since September 2008. Still haven't found what I'm looking for but it's nice. I'm quite happy be part of this capital city. Until when i'll be here hang on to its lifestyle and 'the jungle-rule', well, that's the question that I always ask to myself .. Hahahha ..

Good to be back here .. But I guess I need something new on the 'header' .. I'll figure out later .. Got back to work .. But hey, it's already FRIDAY .. So it means tomorrow is my private day .. :D

Saturday, January 19, 2008


A few days ago, I read from a forum which I usually read that Google launched GoS (Google Operating System). It still beta but when I saw the screen capture, I wonder what 'the magic' inside. Then, I asked my friend to downloaded it because its capacity more than 500MB but less than 600MB. Enough for just 1 CD.


I forgot to capture its screenshot in my notebook so I taken the picture from its official website. When I installed GoS, its interface just like ubuntu. And when everything had done, I tried to update then I knew that it was ubuntu base .. debian's core .. heuheuehue
just like my Gutsy Gibbon in my other PC but with Mac interface. When I saw its interface for the first time, I felt very pity because a few days before, I tried to configured my ubuntu's interface like Leopard's but until now I still can't find what the misatakes. But with GoS, I don't have to configure anymore .. .hueheuheuee .. .. .

I read from its website that in Mac, it required VMware Fusion. But I've already installed Parallel Desktop, so I tried to install it under parallel. It worked well at the beginning but when I wanted to change its screen resolution became 1440 x 900, it didn't work. The first thought that maybe it didn't support SVGA (in parallel desktop). I wonder to try to install in VMware Fusion. Hope I can tell you later .. ...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Transmission 0.96

Yesterday while I was googling, I found a torrent-client called Transmission. It's a freeware and very light, very simple with its interface, and also it's very easy to configure maximum download or upload rates, at least it doesn't make me so confused anymore. It works on my Mac OS Tiger 10.4.9.

Read more : here and screenshot
Download : Tiger version or other available OS

P.S : I'll capture its freeware on my desktop later .. *Peace*

Friday, December 14, 2007

Opera Mini 4

Opera Mini is the one of web browser application that we know so far. The feature are (based on operamini's site) :

  • Sync Your Digital Lifestyle. Now you can use Opera Link with Opera Mini 4 to synchronize your mobile phone web links with the web links on your computer. Simply log in to a My Opera account through your phone, to sync your bookmarks, or access them from any other browser by going to a Link web page.
  • View Pages in Landscape mode. Want to view the Web on a wider screen? Just hit * # and flip your phone to the side to enjoy browsing in Landscape mode. Change your default view to landscape by turning "Landscape mode" on inside your Settings menu.*
  • Give Your Phone A Mouse. Opera Mini now gives you a virtual mouse, so you can easily scroll in any direction. Move the mouse cursor towards what you want, and then it quickly snaps your view to the link or content.
  • Enhanced Small Screen Rendering. Opera's unique Small Screen Rendering feature, "Mobile View," lets you better enjoy web pages on the small screen. Fit any web page to width and Opera Mini 4 will adjust the page structure on the fly. Browse up and down without also having to worry about horizontal scrolling. Instead, scroll down a single column, perfectly resized for your phone.
  • Auto-sized for Your Phone's Screen. Opera Mini 4 dynamically changes the size of text and images, making it more convenient to read — so less scrolling is required to read content.
  • and many more

Download : opera mini 4

Swiss Manager (Free) UIQ3 v.1.60

Swiss Manager UIQ3

Review :
Swiss Manager is a system utility, providing task manager, file manager and system information services. The freeware Swiss Manager is an essential addition to your UIQ3 phone!

Major features:
  • Management of running programs (task information, task switch, task exit).
  • Release memory by exiting all running programs at once, optionally when closing the flip or after idle time.
  • Navigation throughout the phone''s drives and their entire file system.
  • File management (copy, move, delete, rename).
  • Displaying the amount of free memory and disk space.
  • Useful system information (device characteristics, system uptime, battery level, IMEI number, etc.).

Since I've some problems with Swiss Manager Pro and the 'key', I realise to look for the same applications. I found Swiss Manager UIQ. It's freeware so it means we don't need its license key. So far, the differences between this app and SMP (Swiss Manager Pro) that I've known is the level of the Memory reclaim. In this freeware, it only have 2 levels of memory reclaim beside the SMP have 3 levels.

Download : here

Thursday, December 13, 2007

GDesk 0.24

GDesk is a freeware that make us possible to create our own theme in SE P990i. This application running in every UIQ3 mobile phone. We can create our phone's theme like iPhone, Vista, etc. What we need is just the icon and applications which are already installed in our phone.
You can download the application in here or you can read here. There were a lot of contributors uploaded their own theme that create with GDesk.

Lonely Cat Games Slick 0.36

Short review :
Slick is messenger application for mobile devices. It allows you to chat with your friends connected though various online messaging applications. Currently it is still in development, and alpha version is available for free for public testing.
I have SE P990i Mobile phone and I installed a freeware that can chat with multiple messenger. Somehow, I choose LCG Slick than IM+ because it lighter than IM+. LSC Slick make me possible to listen the mp3 while I'm chatting. But it impossible with IM+. Sometimes when I listen to the mp3, IM+ quit itself.
You can get the software here. You can choose the correct version for your mobile phone.